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Do you Flood Irrigate?

Do you want to know when the water is done?

With WET Stake flood irrigation farmers can save an hour a day and water more acreage per stream of water by being notified when the water is done.

Call 208-994-3021 for more information.

Place the WET Stake at the end of your watering section and when the water reaches the stake, it will send you a text or call you.

WET Stake Pricing

  • $200 one time deposit* per device
  • Starting** at $225 summer service approximately April -September per device
  • GPS Location with PLUS service.
  • Large Farms: Employees can handle more streams and you can observe their progress with PLUS service.
  • Humidity Sensor [know when to bail hay].
  • Bulk Discount of $40 off per service when you order 3 or more.
  • Order Here Now!

*Deposits are refunded if you no longer desire to use the WET Stake and return the device to us.

**Pricing at $225 per year per device is for basic service.  Plus service is an additional $25 per device per year and Humidity service is an additional $25 per device per year.

About WET Stake

The WET Stake is an affordable, self contained flood irrigation water notifier that is light and portable. All you need is to turn on the device and it will notify the linked phone when the water reaches it. Users can charge the unit with a standard cell phone charger.  No need to sign up for an expensive cell phone contract!

About Us

WET Stake was developed by Prescott Farm Innovations to help you keep working or sleeping at the appropriate times and save water. We are located in Rigby, Idaho.  As the soil moisture and head pressure fluctuates, you can stop guessing when to change the water and know when it is ready. You can contact us at for more information or visit our contact page.