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About WET Stake
The WET Stake is an affordable, self contained flood irrigation water notifier that is light and portable. All you need is to turn on the device and it will notify the linked phone when the water reaches it. Users can charge the unit with a standard cell phone charger. No need to sign up for an expensive cell phone contract
About Us
WET Stake was developed by Prescott Farm Innovations to help you keep working or sleeping at the appropriate times and save water. We are located in Rigby, Idaho. As the soil moisture and head pressure fluctuates, you can stop guessing when to change the water and know when it is ready. You can contact us at for more information or visit our contact page.
What is WET Stake?
WET Stake notifies you via a phone call or text when the water reaches it in a flood irrigation field.
Why use WET Stake?
  • Get some of the benefits of sprinklers without the enormous costs.
  • Improve sleep by not getting up too early only to have the water not done or worrying if it is done.
  • Reduce water end tailings waste by changing the water on time.
  • Improve work efficiency by not having to check the water or waiting for it to finish. One person should be able to manage more streams of water.
  • Reduce crop end damage from excessive watering due to land overrun.
How does the WET Stake work?
You simply turn the device on, place it near the end of your field, and when water reaches the device it calls or texts you. When you first get the product or would like to change the phone number it uses, you just text the ID on the side of the device to the number listed.
What makes our product unique?
  • The WET Stake is simple to use and durable.
  • No messing with setting up a sim card.
  • No complicated electronics to configure.
  • Works with any phone that you can text from.
  • English or Spanish options.
  • Free device repair.
What makes WET Stake affordable?
You do not pay for expensive hardware or a custom cell phone plan. You put a deposit for the device and we charge a small subscription fee for each year. If you do not use your WET Stake during the winter, you keep the device for the next year. We take care of all the communication setup and costs; if you have any problems with the device we will quickly fix or replace it.
Where can I get a WET Stake?
You can order your WET Stake on this website. If you would like a demonstration or more information feel free to call us at 208-557-1938 or 208-994-3021. We are located in Rigby, Idaho.
How much does WET Stake cost?
Short Answer: $425 for the first year. (plus optional services) $225 for the following years. (plus optional services) Long Answer: We will lease the equipment to you for $0. We require a refundable deposit for $200. You keep the device as long as you intend to use it sometime during the next year. You pay a subscription fee $225 per summer. We have optional service for $25 each for the year. Plus Service is GPS and multi-user/supervisor. Humidity service lets you know when to bail hay. If you do not want to use the device any more (We highly doubt it, unless you sold your farm or something), you can return it and we will refund your deposit.
What is the subscription fee?
The subscription fee will cover all the data service; phone and text messages; customer service; and any basic maintenance on the device. All of this for less then most people pay for cell phone service.
Why is there a deposit?

We want you to take care of the device and get it back in one piece. We guarantee that the device against normal wear and tear usage. If you run over it with the tractor, put it through a baler, or cause any damage beyond normal usage, in order to continue service, you will pay for parts and labor to repair or replace the device. This may be more than the deposit as it only covers materials. Contact us if immediately if you have any problems and if needed we will send you a new one.

What if I have no cell signal?
WET Stake can use multiple cell phone company towers. Unless you are in a very remote region it should work. If not we will provide a full refund.
What is the guarantee?
If you are not satisfied with your WET Stake within the first month of season usage for any reason, we will provide a full refund. If your device malfunctions, we will send a replacement.