Printable WET Stake Instructions-Before 2019 Version

Printable WET Stake Instructions-2019 Version

General Usage

  1. Charge the device until the red charge light turns off.
  2. Place the Stake near the end of the section you are surface irrigating. (Place it far enough up the section that you will have time to return and move the water as it reaches the end.)
  3. Push the ON button. (Set notifications to your device if you have not already done this.)
  4. Continue other activities until you receive the specified Call or Text notification.
  5. Turn off notification light.
  6. Move the WET Stake to the next section and repeat from #2.


  • Charge the device until the red charge light turns off.

  • Indoors – use a standard micro USB charging port.

First Version

New Version

  • Outdoor – it is required that you use a Sealed USB cord available from our website. Keep the cap on when not charging. If you have the new Version, you will not need the sealed USB cord to charge the device.

  • (Using a power pack or other charging method in the field without the required cable will void the warranty on the first version only.)

Solar Panel Installation

screw on the solar panel clampPlug the cable in and twist.

Loosen the screw on solar panel clamp. Insert the rod into the top. Slide clamp over the top of the stake and tighten the screw. Plug cable into the charge port and twist.

New Version

Place the solar panel on top aligning the magnets on the top. When the red light is on, the device is charging. The light will turn off when the device is fully charged.

Turn On

Push the power button.  When the power button is pushed, a green or light blue light will flash quickly as the device connects to the network.  When the light pulses slowly, it is on and the device is connected.

Turn Off

Push the power button for about 2-3 seconds.  After you push the power button, you will see a flashing green light, dark blue light and then no light.  At that point the device is off.

Water Detection

When water is detected, the device will send a notification to you by either text or call.  At that point, the top of the stake will flash a blue light 10 times every thirty seconds.  You can turn that off by pushing the power button once.  You should see the top light flash once indicating that the light is being turned off.  You will need to turn the device on next time you want to set the stake for water detection.

Water Detection Light


The battery will last about 2-3 days with normal usage. A text notification will be sent when the battery is low. On normal sunny days, the Solar Panel will keep the WETStake device charged.


All WET Stake settings are adjusted using text messaging. To change the settings ensure that the device is powered on and send a text to the number on the side of the WET Stake.  Include in the message the device ID (under the name) and any needed command(s). The following examples will use the example label below. Note: ID and commands are not case sensitive.

Change Receiver

(change who gets the notification messages)  

Text the ID to the phone #


Get Status

(get the status of the device)

Text the ID space “status” to the phone #.

aaaa1111 status

Change Notification Type

(change to calls or texts)

Text the ID space “text” or “call” to the phone #

acbz3549 call

acbz3549 text

Change Language

(change the text and call language)

Text the ID space “english” or “spanish” to the phone #.

acbz3549 spanish

acbz3549 english

Power Saver Mode

If you need to leave the stake in the field for an extended period without sun, you can put the stake into power save mode Text the ID to the phone # followed by a space and the word “power.” 

acbz3549 power

This means that the stake will still be able to detect water, but you will not be able to send a status request to the stake.  

The stake does not stay connected to the network during this time, it checks for water and only connects when it detects water.  

Once you retrieve the stake, you push the power button to turn of the flashing light, then you can push the power button to turn the stake on.  The stake will stay connected for 5 minutes.  In this time you can take the stake out of power save mode Text the ID to the phone # followed by a space and the word “water“.  

acbz3549 water

If the battery level gets too low, the stake will automatically go into power save mode. The stake will only come out of power save mode when the battery charges above the low level.  You may to use a standard micro USB cord plugged into the wall to recharge the WETStake.  If you get a notification that the stake is going into Power Save mode, we recommend that you retrieve the stake and charge it before you move it to the next section.  Keep in mind that the Solar Panels are intended to help the stake keep a charge.  If they fall over or it is cloudy, the stake will not charge. 

PLUS service

(optional service)

PLUS service allows you to receive GPS Location messages.  A GPS link will be sent to you with Status requests and Water detection.

Plus service also has supervisor number capabilities.  The main receiver will get text or call notification.  Additional numbers will only get text messages of Power on, Power off, and Water detection.  To add a supervisor-Text the ID to the phone # followed by a space and the word “add.”  You will receive a confirmation text.

acbz3549 add

Texts will have the word “MONITORING” before the message.  To remove the supervisor number-Text the ID to the phone # followed by a space the word “remove.” You will receive a confirmation text.

acbz3549 remove

Humidity Sensor

(optional service–must be a humidity stake)

When you have a humidity sensor stake, you must put the stake in Humidity mode to detect mode.  You must Text the ID to the phone # followed by a space and the word “humidity.” 

acbz3549 humidity

The default humidity level is 50%.  To change the level, Text the ID to the phone # followed by a space and the word “humidity” space and the percentage you want to change it to. 

acbz3549 humidity 55

To get the stake into normal water mode, Text the ID to the phone # followed by a space and the word “water“.  

acbz3549 water

Humidity detection works like water detection and turns on the detection light at the top of the stake.

Change the TimeZone

 (change the WET Stake to the local time zone)

Text the ID space “timezone” space and one of the following time zone codes.


acbz3549 timezone mst


If the WET Stake does not perform to your satisfaction, you can return the device within 30 days of use (not purchase date) for a full refund of your deposit and service fee. 


Do not open the device. Please contact WET Stake by calling the phone # on the device, or e-mailing, if there is a malfunction of the device. Please see lease terms for details.


WET Stake is NOT a flood prevention device. Prescott Farm Innovations LLC, is not liable for any water damage caused from surface water irrigating. Users must always have a fail-safe method to prevent water damage to the surrounding area when surface water irrigating.