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WET Stake Pricing

WET Stake is a self contained water notification system for flood irrigation.

WET Stake Pricing

  • $200 One-Time Deposit*
  • $225 summer service May 1-September 30
  • Optional $25 PLUS Service
    • GPS Location
    • Supervisor numbers-Add extra numbers to monitor progress.
  • Optional $25-Humidity Sensor available to know when to bail hay.
  • Bulk Discount of $40 off per service when you order 3 or more.
  • Order Here Now!

The internal battery will last about 2 days.  The solar panel will maintain the charge of the device with 6 hours of sunlight hitting the panel.

It can be charged with a standard micro USB charger used to charge android phones (not included).  Charging takes approximately 3-5 hours depending on the charger. If your battery gets low because of cloudy weather or other circumstances, you should charge the device with a charger.

*Deposits are fully refunded when the device is returned in working order and service is no longer desired.  Contact us if the device is damaged or develops any problems for replacement.